Valentine’s Day Espresso Drink Recipes

These Valentine’s Day espresso drink recipes will fill your home with the irresistible aroma of coffee and give you a boost of energy so you and your sweetie can enjoy a full day of romance.

What’s the trick to making the ultimate espresso drink for Valentine’s Day? We believe it’s a blend of high-quality ingredients and creativity plus a good dose of love – it is Valentine’s Day after all!

Italian Coffee From Friuli

Friuli, located in the northeastern coast of Italy, is home to this decadent coffee concoction: a blend of espresso, mascarpone cheese and dark chocolate. It’s a coffee lovers dream!

Click here for this espresso drink recipe.

Espresso with Ice Cream

This tasty blend of espresso and ice cream is called affogato in Italian. It’s a wonderful way to end a romantic dinner.

Learn how to make this espresso drink recipe.

Café Bombón

Here is a fun espresso drink recipe known in Spanish as café bombón, a type of coffee made with condensed milk. It is easy to prepare and may be consumed in the morning or as dessert.

Still hungry?

If you are a die-hard coffee lover you’ll want to give this Indian cappuccino recipe a try. The original recipe calls for instant coffee but it can be made with espresso instead.

 Get the recipe now.

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