Chinese New Year: Authentic Recipes To Help You Ce…

Chinese New Year falls on February 16th, an important date that marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog. This new year is expected to bring newfound stability for many and prove fruitful for business relationships. And what better way to celebrate it than trying at some Chinese recipes at home?

The Chinese recipes we present here are all fairly easy – or at least not too complex – and achievable with ingredients found in normal supermarkets or in Chinese stores that are now commonplace in almost all cities. 


One of the most famous dishes of Chinese cuisine, and the most spectacular to serve. Peking duck has a very long preparation – you have to stuff it, marinade it, and of course glaze it – but the result is extraordinary, especially when served at the table along with the sauce and crepes (which are readily available at Asian markets). 

Here we explain how to prepare the Peking duck step by step.


Dim sum are essentially Chinese dumplings. There are many different types made from a variety of fillings and doughs – some vegetarian, some not.

We offer two of them: pork and shrimp dim sum and a vegetarian version prepared with spinach and mung beans.


Do you know that “classic” spring rolls are 100% vegan? They are also surprisingly easy to prepare at home.

Learn how to make them with our step-by-step recipe.

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